Top 3 Your very first piano book ( for young beginners ) !

I'm going to pick top 3 piano books for absolute beginners !

wunder keys piano for preschoolers

These books are suitable for primary school kids,

but I'll put age next to the book, as some book are suitable for under 8 years old .

For preschool children I'd suggest Wunder keys

and My First Piano Adventure for the young beginner

My review will base on content of songs, print, easy to learn and continuity of each page.

Also work on your finger numbers is very important for beginners , I don't recommend you jump into reading notes straightaway for your first lesson !

I suggest you got two books for your piano lesson, so you get well covered with learning the songs + writing fun theory with games.

Here is the video reviews !

1. Bastien Piano for the Young Beginner: Primer A


Theory And Technique For The Young Beginner Primer A

Content ****

Print *****

Easy to follow *****

Fun to learn ***

suggest age 6 years + ,even adult can enjoy it

Step by step , very easy to use and teach ! Colorful print and big writing ! Songs can be a little boring after a while,but after all it's a very good system to learn ! It works on your finger well , you can also start to read simple note in this book.

2.My First Piano Adventure for the young beginner (with CD)

Content *****

Print *****

Easy to follow *****

Fun to learn *****

suggest age 4-8 years

Colorful and nice big print ! Very fun to learn and teach, but can be a bit childlike and too slow for 9 years old kids. You won't be reading any notes from this book yet. You can also download the app which got all the music !

Also you can look on videos demonstrate how to teach a lesson,very resourceful !

3. All-In-One Piano Lessons Book A

Content *****

Print *****

Easy to follow *****

Fun to learn ****

suggest age 6 to 12 years

Good thing about this book is combine lessons / theory / practice games all in one ! Very easy to follow ,print is big and colorful , you can also access their audio library on their website .

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